[ctp2-commit] Revision 627 committed by ekmek

ctp2-commit at darkdust.net ctp2-commit at darkdust.net
Sun Aug 6 16:36:03 CEST 2006

- addeda return true for AI in verifyattack, for testing

- added CanBuildAlly flag for imps that willlet you build the imp in ally territory
- added CanBuildWasteland to allow non0radius imps to be built outside your territory(no man's land) it does not give that land to you. Great for roads in unowned territory

U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/ArmyData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/terrainutil.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/terrimprove.cdb

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