[ctp2-commit] Revision 902 committed by Martin G?\195?\188hmann

ctp2-commit at darkdust.net ctp2-commit at darkdust.net
Sun Sep 7 00:37:29 CEST 2008

Rations, workday, and wages add the happiness as they are supposed to do:

Some cleanings:
modified trunk/ctp2_code/ai/CityManagement/governor.cpp
modified trunk/ctp2_code/ai/ctpai.cpp
modified trunk/ctp2_code/ai/strategy/goals/Goal.cpp

Fixed happiness calculation according to rations, workday, and wages:
modified trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Happy.cpp

U   trunk/ctp2_code/ai/CityManagement/governor.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/ai/ctpai.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/ai/strategy/goals/Goal.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Happy.cpp

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