[ctp2-commit] Revision 552 committed by ekmek

ctp2-commit at darkdust.net ctp2-commit at darkdust.net
Sat Mar 4 05:03:53 CET 2006

-Added: EnablesVeterans flag for buildings.txt Now if a city has a flag with this building your units start as veterans (like civ3)
-Added: PopCostsToBuild flag. Add an integer here in unitstxt and units can cost 1 or more population points. I havent instituted a disband city warning yet gs/gameobj/CityData.cpp
-Added: Citystyle bonus (if i didnt mention already)

I attempted many things but with no success and the code maybe seen, to include:
-armydata.cpp MoveBonus in yet another attempt to do allterrainasimp 
-terrainutil.cpp NeedsIrrigation tryingto make so you need a river or other irrigation adjacent to build. I got close but not yet
-Civilisation bonus - still trying
-ArmyData.cpp PrecisionStrike and TargetsCivilians it just didnt WorkerCount

U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/ArmyData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/CityData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Civilisation.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Player.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/bldque.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/terrainutil.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/Civilisation.cdb
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/building.cdb
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/terrimprove.cdb
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/unit.cdb
U   trunk/doc/user/playtest/Apolyton_README.txt
U   trunk/doc/user/playtest/database flags.zip

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