[ctp2-commit] Revision 561 committed by ekmek

ctp2-commit at darkdust.net ctp2-commit at darkdust.net
Fri Apr 14 04:05:35 CEST 2006

- changeindex for crash but error so outcommented
gs/gameobj/armydata.cpp & unitdata.cpp
- movebonus references
- add capturetile check in pillage. units with this flag capture nemy tiles instead of pillaging them
- added CanBeGifted to units and now a human player can gift units to players not at war with
- DeniedToEnemy code now works, so railroads to give benfit to the enmy (but now you can capture them too!)
- added Fromafar's fix to choosetype to fix bureaubert crash
- added sea pirates code (appears to work)
gs/gameobj/citydata.cpp & h
- create hasTileImpInRadius but not sure it works
- worked on ShowOnMap code
- set up code to have an effect sprite for rioting cities
Further attempt at ShowOnMap
- adjust goldperunitsupport
- outcomment createsunit when a building is built (fu-militia code)
- another outcommented attempt at BonusProductionExport
- fixed adding settlers to cities
gs/gameobj/readiness.cpp anf h
- TotalUnitSupport GoldHunger modifier changed to sint32
gs/gameobj/terrimprove, terrimprovedata, terrimprovepool
- added code for BonusProductionSupport didn'twork
 - added to ComputeSettleValue a check for the cell itself. If the Cell has a score of 0 than the whole score is 0. This way modders that want to limit settling set the terrain score to 0 (in effect the settlers don't need to be modified anymore).
- CanBeGifted
-moved DeniedtoEnemy

U   trunk/ctp2_code/ai/CityManagement/governor.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/ai/mapanalysis/settlemap.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gfx/tilesys/tiledraw.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/ArmyData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Barbarians.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/CityData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/GoodyHuts.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Player.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Readiness.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/Readiness.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/TerrImprove.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/TerrImproveData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/TerrImproveData.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/TerrImprovePool.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/UnitData.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/barbarians.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/citydata.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/terrainutil.cpp
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/gameobj/terrainutil.h
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/terrimprove.cdb
U   trunk/ctp2_code/gs/newdb/unit.cdb
U   trunk/doc/user/playtest/Apolyton_README.txt

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