Civilization: Call To Power 2 Source Project

Welcome to DarkDust's Call To Power 2 Source Project site.

Anonymous SubVersion repository

To gain anonymous access to the CTP2 source please see the anonymous access page. It's the entry point if you just want to browse the source and/or if you want to check out the source with SubVersion.

Commit access to the SubVersion repository

If you'd like to gain commit access you have to send me an e-mail where you state that you have read the CTP2 source code EULA and that you agree to its terms.

You also have to mail me your desired username and password, or let me generate a password for you which I'll mail you back.

The base URL for the repository with commit access is Note that you need a valid username and password to access this URL. The SSL certificate is self-signed, so expect your browser/SubVersion client to complain (this is harmless; but I can't afford a "real" certificate).

If you're checking out from the repository, please first browse the repository and then check out the directory you're interested in. Checking out the complete repository with all its tags will just produce a few 100 MB needless traffic both for you and me :-)

Issue tracker

SubVersion commit log mailing list

Every commit to the SubVersion repository generates a e-mail on the ctp2-commit mailing list. You can subscribe to this list to get those commit e-mails either by using the web frontend or sending an e-mail to with the text "subscribe" in the subject field.

You can also browse the ctp2-commit archive for past commit logs.


You can find the The Civilization: Call To Power 2 source project forum at Apolyton.